In the past a number of decades there has been a mushroom growth of academic institutions all over the world. The introduction of computer sciences into institutions has given rise to the concept of online distance learning, which is the most popular system of education these days and getting impetus day by day. But with this progress, some problems of authenticity of the educational institutions have also come to the fore and the fake or the fraudulent institutions are one of them. Such institutions are called the degree or diploma mills. Now there are many state-run these institutions, which help spot these deceitful organizations. For instance in the United States of America, the Council for Higher Education official approval (CHEA) is accountable for highlighting the common features of non-accredited institutions or spotting degree mills. One should option to the websites of such state-run offices for guidance prior to apply for admission in any spotting degree mills.

Spotting degree mills pose to be academic institutions but in fact work for their monetary benefits by misleading citizens in the name of education. Such institutions may deceive citizen by showing them the lists of their academic programmes and get their money as fees and never provide the students their degrees. The further Spotting degree mills provide degrees and diplomas just against cash without going through some academic courses. Degree mills also award degrees and diplomas against one’s experience in some particular field. In such cases, spotting degree mills never bother about the predetermined qualifications for these degrees. The spotting degree mills and diplomas provided by spotting degree mills have no practical value and are for just worthless parts of paper. A single should remember that submission of fake documents for single eligibility is a serious crime and might be convict single for years or permanent disqualification for any post whatsoever. As the main purpose of the spotting degree mills is to sell degrees, they never add anything to your life experience. Furthermore their contribution to your learning is zero.
The Spotting degree mills design their websites typically with imposing phrases but the course structure is just the copy of some well-known academic institutions. Usually the details of the course material of the different disciplines are the same, which discloses the reality of a spotting degree mill and help the students to stay away from them. In arrange to deceive the students; almost all the spotting degree mills deliberately misrepresent themselves by creating similarities in their names, URL and website design with those of the reputed and accredited institutions of the world.

Practically there is no academic study in spotting degree mills. The degrees or diplomas are awarded to the so-called students against money. As the major point is to sell a spotting degree mills, hence, all rules as sound as standards of education are violated.

Last modified: 04/01/2019