Education is the number one factor to consider each person, and now education is the measure of every person to achieve a degree and pursue a career with a high salary so have a better life. Teaching profession to be one important factor for students who want to keep learning and growing, not just get a better life but also to be successful in a career. Profession as a teacher or a teacher at first did not quite get the attention, especially from the income received. Along with the development time, or the teaching profession more and showed an increase, both in number and income. There are many levels of schools in general, which requires a dedicated teacher labor, professional, and able to develop their students, such as elementary school, junior school, secondary school, and more.

Secondary school education is a stage which is the final stage of the school, known as secondary education and is usually required until a certain age. There are many types of secondary school which varies in different countries, which are usually secondary school students aged 10-16 years, although there is little difference in age in different countries to be able to enter secondary school, tailored to the statutes of each state. Secondary school can be said to be the first step for students to plan for the future. To be able to develop expertise and interests of secondary school students, teachers require a professional and responsible to the students in doing the planning. Requirements become a secondary school teacher is usually the person who has succeeded and earned degree, such as secondary education degree.

There are many secondary schools in many countries that provide programs for students who want to get a better education. The number of secondary school gives everyone the option to choose the best secondary school. Each school usually has a secondary school report. Secondary school report is usually prepared by any secondary school which contains profiles of schools, students, school size, school statistics, and others. Secondary school evaluation report can also be said for the students to learn that made the teachers for each student, and will be sent to via email. After students successfully complete education at secondary school, will normally be given a report of value. The report will usually be a determinant of the value of the students to pass or not. Secondary school certificate will be awarded to students who have successfully passed all the courses are given. Secondary school certificate becomes one proof of completion, which used to be able to continue to pursue higher education.

To be able to proceed to a higher level there are various requirements that must be met the students, in addition to using certificates. Usually the tests will be done into a higher level, so that only students who meet the requirements set that can move on to higher education in a school, college or university specific.

Last modified: 04/01/2019