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With the high competition in getting a job, many people continue to learn and achieve a certain degree in various fields, so that employment and salary were able to make everyone more established and prosperous life. With the increasing development time and era, the needs of everyone getting has increased, so many people think the best way you can do to meet the needs of everyday life. There are many needs that must be met, such as daily life, and others. So many people try to find high-paying jobs to make ends meet. Teachers or teacher is a profession or career that did not initially get the attention of many parties, while the teacher or teaching profession to be an important factor to shape the character of the students in order to get a good future. A teacher or teacher can be said to have a great responsibility towards the development of their students.

There are many levels of schools that need teachers or teacher to help impart knowledge to the students and shape the character so as to prepare for the future the best. Secondary education is one level of education that prepared for the students after completing high school, to get a higher special education. There are many secondary education teachers who worked in various countries around the world. Of course, secondary education salary of every teacher in various countries will vary, adjusted for economic development and living standards of its citizens. But based on statistics and surveys that the annual secondary education salary is always has increased. For example, secondary education salary in Asian countries will certainly be very much different from the secondary education salary in America or Europe, because in addition to the cost of living is different, the currency in which each country is also different. Average living standard of each country can also affect the secondary education salary of high or low.

Some examples of secondary education salary by state, in Alabama, secondary education salary can reach $ 41,000, $ 49,000, secondary education salary in Arizona, $ 36,000, $ 42,000, secondary education salary in Arkansas $ 41,000, $ 48,000, secondary education salary in California $ 51,000, $ 68,000, secondary education salary in Colorado $ 42,000, $ 47,000, and many more secondary education salary adjusted for the state. Given the differences in secondary education salary by the state, provide many possibilities for each person to choose the state to teach and earn a better salary. While based on existing statistics, secondary education salary average is $ 44,428. To become a secondary education teacher cannot just rely on a degree obtained, but also able to guide the students, providing an understanding of knowledge, and form the character of students to be prepared to face challenges in the real world.

Last modified: 04/02/2019